Your Wool

Merino wool is widely considered the best wool in the world!

It is fine and soft, used in many luxury products… and really is something special!

Want Make Something?

0ur sheep are shorn once a year, mostly in late in the southern hemisphere winter.

Once shorn, you can request that your merino’s fleece be crafted into a product or item of clothing. 

You can order whatever you like through the MyKiwiSheep app (or on the website) and we will organise the rest!

Your Merino Products

We work in with some very experienced and talented local craftspeople who are merino wool experts. They are able to create a wide range of items, depending on what you are looking for and how much you are wish to spend.

Here are some examples (indicative pricing only) to give you inspiration:

Large blanket

$200 - $250

Baby blanket

$150 - $200

Merino jumper

$150 - $200

Luxury socks

$20 - $25 per pair

These merino products make great gifts. What could be better than giving someone you care about a luxurious woollen gift made from your very own New Zealand sheep!  

Browse our shop for options.