Terms & Conditions

MyKiwiSheep is a digital platform based in Canterbury, New Zealand.

It is subject to all New Zealand laws, including the Fair Trading Act (FTA).

Adoption Terms

The MySheep adoption contract is purely a digital agreement, with no real world ownership rights or obligations.

Users who enter into an adoption contract with the MyKiwiSheep platform have no legal ownership rights over:

  • The sheep they ‘adopt’ on the platform
  • Any offspring of the sheep
  • Any byproducts of the sheep (including the wool)
  • The image of the sheep
Users are not liable in any way for the welfare of their sheep. This remains the sole responsibility of the farmer.

Ownership of the Fleece/Wool

Subscribers who choose the ‘Sheep Parent‘ option have no claim over the fleece their sheep produces. If they wish to have a product or item from their adoptive sheep’s fleece, they can indicate this by messaging their MyKiwiSheep shepherd. The cost of the fleece will be included in the cost of producing the product or item.

Subscribers who choose the ‘Sheep Parent PLUS‘ option have the option to use the fleece their sheep produces however they like. They will have the option to have product or item crafted from their adoptive sheep’s fleece. There will be no charge for the fleece, as this is included in the subscription.

Continuation of Subscription

All users will be contacted to confirm they wish to continue their subscription with MyKiwiSheep at least 30 days prior to the end date of the current period.

End of Subscription (and Refunds)

All subscribers can end their subscription at the end of the 12 month period. No refunds will be offered.

Crafting of Products

Users will be approached at least 30 days prior to the shearing of their adoptive sheep with a range of options and pricing for their wool.

Users will formally indicate what they wish to do, and (where applicable) pay for these services in advance.

MyKiwi Sheep will liaise with the nominated craftspeople on behalf of the user.

Shipping of Items

Users who have products made through MyKiwiSheep will have the shipping cost quoted.

Users must agree to and pay for shipping in advance.

MyKiwiSheep will organise the delivery.

Delivery of Digital Content

All efforts will be made to provide regular, consistent content and updates to users.

Hurunui Hills is a working farm, and subject to weather conditions and situations outside of its control – and outside of the control of the MyKiwiSheep platform.

Merino sheep are essentially ‘wild’ and unpredictable animals. They are not trained to perform for the camera.

As such, MyKiwiSheep will not be responsible for delivering content when conditions and sheep behaviours do not allow.

Sharing of Adopted Sheep Information, Images, and Video

MyKiwiSheep allows its users to share any and all of the information and images provided to them on platform (including social media platforms) for personal use only.

All MyKiwiSheep generated content remains the property of MyKiwiSheep and its parent company.

Commercial use of information, images and video is prohibited without prior consent.

Legal Status of MyKiwiSheep

MyKiwiSheep is a trading name of Recalcitrant Media Ltd (NZ).

Complaints & Disputes

All complaints are to be lodged in writing via email.

MyKiwiSheep will act in good faith to resolve any disputes.