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Russell (Texas)
Russell (Texas)
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"I never thought I'd ever adopt a New Zealand sheep. It's everything I could ever hope for. The sheep puns alone are keeping my friends awake at night!"
McKenzie family (Christchurch)
McKenzie family (Christchurch)
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"Our girls think this is the coolest thing in the world. Scotty is great! It makes us feel like we're real Kiwi farmers. Sort of... hahaha."
Lisa (Melbourne)
Lisa (Melbourne)
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"The best part of my day is telling everyone at work 'I'm just checking in on my sheep'. The funny looks never gets old. Our kids love being sheep parents too. We're looking forward to making some socks for their birthdays... or maybe a sweater with Kelvin's face!"
Danielle (UK)
Danielle (UK)
The Governor
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"Scotty is worth the subscription alone. Absolute gold. What a great idea!"
Lucy and Scott (Hong Kong)
Lucy and Scott (Hong Kong)
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"If you don't feel homesick watching your very own Kiwi sheep... you're dead inside! (Scotty is great too)."

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Meet Your Shepherd

Scotty Bamford is a 5th generation merino sheep farmer. His farm, on the South Island of New Zealand, has been in the family for well over a century.

His parents Terry and Maria still live and work on the farm, known as Hurunui Hills, and even his brother Mark is involved. As with most New Zealand farms, it’s a real family affair.

Hurunui Hills hosts around 2,500 merino sheep at any given time. This breed is world renowned for their incredibly soft and luxurious wool. Find out more about it here.

Apart from their wool, the merino ram is famous for its majestic curly horns. Scotty loves them so much that he designed them into the farm logo (see below).

Hurunui Hills’ sheep range freely in the wide open paddocks. Make no mistake, these merinos are not pets. These are real, wild New Zealand sheep! They give birth to lambs once a year (in the southern hemisphere spring) and are sheared in late winter.

Outside of farm life, Scotty has been a successful guide working all around New Zealand, as well as a farming TV presenter. He loves to meet new people, and help them understand how real sheep farming works.  

Scotty and his wife have recently added their son Matai to the family. All going well, he’ll be the sixth Bamford on the family farm.

If you ever want to visit your sheep, Scotty will gladly give you a free farm tour!

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